#Gchattin’ Glee: Chris Colfer Wins Golden Globe!

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STOP the freaking presses!!!

The 2011 Golden Globes aired last night (I know, I know…who cares, right?).  Well, let me tell you! It was a great night for Glee! The show racked up, taking home three awards including:

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for TelevisionJane Lynch for Sue Sylvester

Best Television SeriesComedy or Musical


 Chris Colfer won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel.

Oh my! I’m so happy for him. Even though I’ve been super critical of Glee this season, I can’t deny that for kids out there struggling to find, express, love and be themselves, the show is a reminder that they are not in it alone; and, to never stop doing what you love. Chris Colfer made Kurt’s pain, loneliness, and fear real this season (in spite of the occasional sucky writing). He also had quite a few bad ass solos.

It is rare to see an openly gay young person on television, especially one who we see struggle with owning his identity and doing so, in a variety of settings (school, home, in friendships, and relationships). This character is important to television and Colfer, as a young openly gay actor (and awesome individual), is important to Hollywood.

Congrats to Chris Colfer and the Glee family!

P.S. You KNOW Lea Michele is in a corner somewhere pouting because she didn’t take home one of her own..but that’s another post for another day!

Amber’s Top Ten WTF?! Moments of 2010

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Whoa. It’s 2011. *Blank Stare* How the hell did that happen? Really though, W.T.F…?

1. Tiger Woods’ Fidelity FAIL

Oh Tiger, I still have no words for you. What is the mistress count at now…42 or something? Smdh. Tiger was on top of the world and he learned the hard way that no one is invincible and Karma is nothing to play with. This was easily one of the most scandalous news stories of the year and no one saw it coming. After admitting to having scores of affairs, he and his wife Elin Nordegren divorced and she reportedly took home a cool $100 million in the settlement. WOMP.

2. The World Cup makes it’s way to Africa

 The 2010 World Cup marked a historic moment for The International Federation of Association Football–for the first time ever, the World Cup was hosted by an African Country.  And,  I must say, South Africa did one hell of a job.  So in this case it’s more of a  ”WTF took you so long, FIFA?!” moment.   

3. Antoine Dodson

“Hide yo’ kids’! Hide yo’ wife!” After an intruder broke into Kelly Dodson’s window and attempted to rape her, her brother, Antoine Dodson sent a fierce message to the perpetrator and a warning to his neighbors in an interview with local news reporters. In days the interview hit the internet and went viral and is now the number one most watched video on youtube. Since his first television appearance, Antoine has produced a t-shirt line, has a single out (available for purchase on itunes), and has performed on BET several times. His rise to celebridom kind of makes you cringe, but I can’t even be mad at this dude. If they want to pay you for it, get your hustle on, Antoine, and make it work. **Snap Snap**

4. Oprah Begins her 25th and Final Season

It’s the end of an era. 

Oprah announced on November 20, 2009 that her 25th and final season will begin in the Fall of 2010. This past September she kicked off the season in style by telling 300 of her most dedicated viewers that they would be flying with her to Australia on a paid vacation and taping of her show, AND (wait for it…) John Travolta would be the pilot. No words. Only Oprah can make so many awesome things happen at once. The rest of the season has been pretty awesome as well. Some of my favorites include her interview at the Jackson Family Estate, and of course, two days of “Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things.”  I am deeply saddened to see the show end, but I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

5. Shirley Sherrod is fired over nonsense
Nonsense is an understatement. This situation shows that even though we’ve come a long way in improving race relations in this country, we still have a long long way to go. 

6. Racist events at UC San Diego and other UC schools inspire protests

Another situation that proves the same damn thing–we have a long way to go. Kudos to UC students on several different campuses for organizing, speaking up, and speaking out. Racist incidents like these happen on college campuses all the time and the fact that their protests received national attention will hopefully push the administration and the administrations at colleges across the country to take notice and make some fundamental changes.

7. Longest Tennis Match Ever: Wimbledon 2010 – Isner vs. Mahut

Three Days. 11 hours and 5 minutes of playing time. 183 Games. EPIC.

8. Mo’nique Wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actress
Now who would’ve thought that Ms. Nikki Parker would take home an Oscar one day. Mo’nique definitely deserved it. When I think about her monologue at the end of “Precious” I still get teary-eyed. Get it, girl. *Snaps*

9. Conan O’Brien New Host of The Tonight Show…wait, just kidding

Probably one of the most embarrassing moments for NBC, Conan, and Jay Leno. Conan handled it with grace though and went out with style.  He now has a new show on TBS that I hear is “very funny” (haha…ha). ;)

10. The cast of Glee does a photo shoot for GQ
This photo shoot is a hot ass mess. WTF were they thinking? Really, Glee…really though?  *side-eye*

Faaaaavorite Things!

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“It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the yeaaaaaaar!” Yes, the holidays are just around the corner–food, family, friends, gifts, time off of work, empty wallets until the New Year…Ah, I just can’t wait.

As you last minute shoppers scurry around frantically in attempts to complete your Holiday Shopping lists, we thought that we would share with you just a few of our favorite things in music, movies, television, literature, and health/body, in good old Oprah fashion (well, maybe not quite that exciting).  These gifts are sure to get a warm reception and a genuine smile. There’s no need for a gift receipt, guaranteed.


Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This album has been on a heavy rotation in my ipod since I purchased it almost a month ago. It is by far one of my favorite albums to listen to right now. Even if you don’t like Kanye, you have to respect his music, and any music lover will definitely appreciate the undeniable talent exhibited through My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


Janelle Monae The Arch Android
I’ve played this album more than any other this year and I still haven’t gotten tired of it. I give it two thumbs up.


Glee Season 1 and 2 Soundtracks

DOPE. Enough said.


Toy Story 3
This is easily one of the best movies of the year. It was a great ending to the Toy Story franchise, and I can’t remember the last time I teared up on a cartoon (oh, wait…I definitely had some sniffles during “UP”…so, just kidding…). Pixar continues to make quality films and somehow you don’t feel embarrassed when you pay $12 to go see a kids movie, probably because everyone else in the theater is also over 18…


This is another one of my contenders for best film of the year. It was actually one of the best films (excluding animated) that I had seen in a very very long time. The story was very creative and well written and the the film is visually stunning. It’s also a total mind game the entire time. Warning: See with a friend– you will want to discuss–and make sure you have water handy to help ease that headache afterward.


Their Eyes Were Watching God

OK, I must admit, I haven’t read many recent books this year. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot of catching up on old ones that I should’ve read a long time ago (my list is overwhelming). With that said, Their Eyes Were Watching God is a classic. Every time I read it, I fall in love with it all over again. It’s one of my all time favorites and I just think that everyone should have a little Zora in their homes.

Very well written. Imaginative. Creative. An interesting take on an iconic American (according to the Smithsonian) story. I was completely enthralled from start to finish. (P.S. Tickets to see the Broadway show would also make an excellent gift)


Glee Season 1 DVD Set

I mean, if you’ve been following our “Gchatting Glee” Series at all, you know that we are both a little obsessed. Although I can’t quite say the same for Season 2, Season 1 of Glee was amazing. It was the show I didn’t know I was waiting for, that I didn’t know I needed in my life! I actually don’t own this yet…so, uh…yeah.. *hint hint* ;)


Dexter Seasons 1-4 DVD Set
I just finished Season 5 of Dexter and it really does get better as time goes on. I think I will be blogging about how layered and complex Dexter is very soon. It’s mind-boggling, geeze. This is another one that will facilitate lots of discussion.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Dream Bath, Lavender Chamomile Sugar Scrub, and Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Soak

Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy collection has gotten me through many a tough week this year.  The combination of products listed above has done wonders to calm my nerves and help me get a restful sleep. I highly recommend.

Beekman’s C.O.P.A. Soaps

After I thought that I finally gotten a handle on what my skin needs and likes after twenty-three years of dealing with it, one day this year I noticed that it was starting to change, without warning. My decision to try C.O.P.A. Soaps was on a whim and I couldn’t be happier. These all natural soaps are great on my skin and they have a wide variety scents and sizes. Again, I highly recommend.

So, there you have it–a (short) list of some of my favorite things. Now that I’ve shared them with you, I hope that you can share them with others. Foolproof, trust. ;)

Happy Holidays!!

Gchattin’ #Glee: Season 2 Episode 7

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We continue our gchats about Glee….and the on-going love/hate relationship we have with the show.

Season 2 Episode 7: “The Substitute”

Liz: So as Gwyneth Paltrow (aka Holly Holiday) was sitting on the couch drinking a beer with Mr. Schu, I came to a realization….Schu needs some guy friends. Seriously. What is with all these women around him ALL the time. His ex-wife giving him soup and that whole convo was just one more reason for me to be tired of Schu’s sad sad story….

Amber: Omg! AGREED. Where are all the men in Lima and why isn’t Mr. Schu friends with any of them? He’s lonely, surrounded by women, and keeps making bad decisions. I was very disappointed in how he dealt with his ex-wife…low blow dude, low blow.

Liz: Seriously. But I feel like the show made it out to seem like he was completely justified…or somethin. I was just thinking that I’m tired of this sorry storyline and can we move on…Plus, didn’t it seem like Holly was giving him the “hey there!” eyeball too? He needs to be taken down a notch, in my opinion.

Amber: Holly was totally giving him the sexy eye! And I was giving my TV a side-eye. I swear, I was just waiting for them to make out. I woulda been so pissed. On another note, what did we think of the whole Mercedes storyline?

Liz: We thought it was stupid…at least I did. She’s replacing her want/need (?) of a boyfriend with tots?? Really? Really?? And it never fails that you have one character who isn’t skinny and at some point there has to a dramatic plot point (“I am beautiful”), a humorous one or one that I just don’t get all together…such as this time….

Amber: Yeah, when she was all excited about the tots in the beginning, I got scared (my reaction: “Oh, here we gooooo” * rolls eyes * ).

Liz: Ummm…kinda like when I got scared at the Holly moment in the classroom with random girl that storms her….ummm problematic??? Big black girl (I don’t even like to phrase it that way when it’s so packed with stereotypes and imagery….but that’s what they were using) who gives attitude and scares poor skinny blond white (idealistic?) teacher. Lemme grab my shoe.

Amber: Kinda reminiscent of Precious…on purpose, I think, which just really isn’t that funny. It was overly stereotypical and then coupled with Mercedes’ storyline it was just too much…like what are you tryna say? Was it pick on a Black girl day at the Glee studios or something?

Liz: I really just didn’t get all that. It was just weird. For one thing, they’d already brought up the weight thing. So were they bringing it up again? No….apparently they were bringing up her relationship status. By having her drool over tater tots. Honestly, I think the writers were just sitting around saying “hey we haven’t given Mercedes a storyline in awhile…what should we do?” And since everybody and their mama has a love interest story goin on, I guess they decided it was just too much for her to have a real one too. Enter love of tater tots.

Amber: Well, we can’t have too many regular Black characters now, can we? Let alone putting Mercedes in a long-term interracial relationship…?! Not gonna happen (and Mercedes and Puck DOES NOT count).

Liz: Apparently not (and maaan…even tho he’s an ass, I always did love that pairing). Can’t have more regular black characters so enter Precious cameo…and like you said, not even funny. On another note, what did you think of Gwyneth Paltrow?

Amber: I thought she was OK, but largely unexciting. The musical numbers were a lot better in this episode than in last episode though, that’s for sure. “Singin the Rain” was pretty impressive.

Liz: I actually wasn’t that into it. I thought I would be, but maybe I expected too much…I felt like it was just “Singin in the Rain” to the tune of “Umbrella.” And I wasn’t feelin it. Tho the dancing was fun. And I did like Gwyneth as her character. I thought it was a good character and brought some life to the otherwise annoying story lines. And although I love Mike Chang…his and Shu’s rendition of “Make’em Laugh” can’t compare to Joseph Gordon Levitt’s version on SNL. Just sayin’.

Amber: It was “Singin in the Rain” to the tune of “Umbrella.” That’s exaaaactly the reason I liked it though. You gotta admit the mash up was pretty clever…c’mon! (Undercover Rihanna fan)

Liz: Or not so undercover ;)

Amber: * Blushing * Although I thought Mike Chang and Mr. Schu’s dance number was really random, I rather enjoyed it. I’m glad they are finally letting Mike dance. Dude is amazing, and I’m glad that they recognize that dance is just as much of a part of musical theater as the singing.

Liz: Agreed. I also just like Mike. =) And will always support him doing more (lines!).

Amber: Word. So what about Kurt? Are we happy that he’s finally found someone that he feels he can relate to?

Liz: Well…yes. They finally give him an interest. But when I pause to think about it, I wonder why all these friends (the Glee club friends) don’t actually seem to be friends….I mean, Kurt’s response to Mercedes is that she needs a boyfriend? I was kinda like…riiiight. She’s there as your friend until you no longer “need” her. It’s great that he has someone he can relate to, but let’s not cast Mercedes to the side by blaming her for what she’s looking to her friends for. And I’m saying that to the writers.

Amber: I feel like that situation is a pretty accurate depiction of high school though. Kids are shallow. He loves Mercedes, but he’s found something he’s been longing for in someone else. It was a void that she couldn’t fill and this friendship is new, so he’s all excited and invested in it. It’s sad that Mercedes gets left out though, but I’m positive that he will come around…hopefully.

Liz: I agree. High school is definitely like that. I just think the writers kinda blew her off too…it ends with her kinda saying “you’re right. I’m using tater tots to fill a void. I’ll go find a boyfriend.”

Amber: Why did it have to be tater tots though?! Geeeze.

Liz: Seriously!! Lol. I laugh to keep from throwin my other shoe at the screen.

Amber: Lol. Right?! Like you said earlier, too many damn stereotypes…why couldn’t she be addicted to shopping or something…?! Gosh!

Liz: Would make so much more sense. I mean, who hasn’t used shopping to fill a void? (I’m not sayin I have or anything….)

Amber: I have, gurl…and it works. :)

Liz: I’ll take your word for it (wanna go shoe shopping this weekend? :p).

Amber: Lol. If only, mama. Any final thoughts?

Liz: Only that I think Glee needs to step its game up. Otherwise, we’re gonna be gchattin’ about somethin else real soon….(only it’s so hard to let go!)

Amber: This episode wasn’t as bad as last week’s, but I do wish we could just go back to Season 1. :( What the hell happened?

Liz: They started writing their stereotypes more than they dismantled them….but keep hope alive! And the singing going…

Gchattin’ #Glee: Season 2 Episode 6

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Sadly, vacation is over and we are back on our daily grind. Sigh. Fortunately though, this includes our blog grind. And would you look at that, we are all caught up. :)

P.S. We’re totally aware that we skipped the Glee Rocky Horror episode which was totally deep…but we would looooove to know what you thought about it. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section!

Season 2 Episode 6: “Never Been Kissed”

Liz: I have a feeling this is gonna be good. Thoughts?

Amber: So, I thought that overall this episode was a major fail, perhaps one of my least favorite. It had many good intentions, but with extremely poor execution. About 20 minutes in I was very annoyed and stayed that way for the remainder of the episode. My head still hurts from how hard I was rolling my eyes.

Liz: Yeah. I had so many “omg!” moments….let’s start with the utter failure of adults in this episode. And within Glee in general. Kurt is being bullied so Mr. Schu’s answer is to talk about Kurt’s reaction to it? Instead of addressing the bully. FAIL. Why is Kurt constantly being told he has to suck it up? (I have another beef about Schu but we’ll get to that.)

Amber: Ugh. I have several beefs with Mr. Damn Schu. I like him less and less every week. I agree that if he really wanted to be helpful he would have addressed both Kurt and the bully. I think it’s important that he decided to reach out to Kurt, but if he saw the kid bullying him he could’ve given the guy a detention and a firm talking to at the very least. Wtf?

Liz: If anything, I felt like too often adults are unprepared to deal with bullying among kids. What is the best advice? Not necessarily “be strong.” And speaking of “wtf,” WTF with the bully kissing Kurt??? I saw it coming, but I was still like, really? Really Glee, we have to be that cliche?

Amber: Omg…totally. I think that Glee was attempting to do waaay too much in this episode. On one hand, I really appreciate what they are trying to do with the whole bullying theme. It’s a HUGE deal and it seems as if the writers are attempting to use the show as a platform to address this very real issue that too many kids deal with on a daily basis. In this episode it is definitely evident that they are using the storyline created around Kurt to promote the “It Gets Better” campaign, and not only does it get better, but in actuality bullying stems from pain, insecurity, ignorance, and fear in most cases. I completely applaud the writers for openly dealing with this issue and using the show to reach out to some of these kids, who may be the victims of bullying, directly. With that said, I do think that overall the writing suffered in this episode….it was kinda choppy and the storylines did seem very cliche and poorly executed. One such scene was the kissing scene and another was the portrayal of the all boys private school as a “utopia.” C’mon, dude…not true.

Liz: Not true at all. I can also appreciate what the writers are doing. So many of their themes are trying hard to address issues high school kids face (and I like that!). Bullying is definitely an issue. But it was still just all over the place. And the characters seemed to be acting and reacting in ways that didn’t make sense. That kid Kurt meets (now his boyfriend?) was just way too mature. lol. I mean, they were suddenly having a heart-to-heart talk after just meeting (“could you guys excuse us for a minute” – who talks like that)? The writing really suffered. They tried to cover so much without also sticking with solid characters and dialogue. The theme is definitely important. It’s important to recognize the roots of bullying – to show those characters as more than two dimensional “evil” characters. But let’s be a little more nuanced….Kurt confronts his bully and instead of getting his ass kicked, he gets kissed? Just too cliche for me. Too much drama for the sake of drama. And therefore a pat on the back to Kurt for being more courageous. It just felt so false to me. I saw it coming a mile away but was hoping I was wrong.

Amber: Yeeeah. The kiss was totally dramatic and the entire scene was very predictable. Sigh. Like, I get it. They obvi wanted to show that a lot of the aggression behind bullying stems from fear and insecurity. But, it felt so forced and unrealistic. I mean, kissing someone mid-argument is hard to pull off even if you’re dating…i’m just sayin. The scene came off as an easy way to show that the bully is experiencing a deep internal struggle regarding his sexuality which he projects onto Kurt largely because Kurt is openly gay. It was just way too simplistic and kind of cheapened what could have been a really powerful moment.

Liz: Yeah…that’s the other thing. Not only is this character gay, but he likes Kurt, the only openly gay kid in school. It was just too contrived. I also just didn’t really like the juxtaposition with the guy from the all boys school…I think it was the combination that just felt so set up (which it was).

Amber: The entire portrayal of the all boys private school was so OD and false. “Zero tolerance harassment policy?” Really? I rolled my eyes so hard. If that’s the case, my mother shoulda put me in an all boys school. Shoooot.

Liz: LOL. exactly. And running down the hallway holding hands….they just needed slo-mo.

Amber: OMG! It was in slo-mo! Too much!

Liz: Hence Teenage Dream as the song? Cuz they were dreamin (high-five for my joke! womp womp)….Ok…what about Schu and the coach? OMG. I was yellin at the TV. Mr. Schu, you are not that special! You are not the savior of women. Oh maaaan…I was kinda upset with that whole storyline. He was so damn annoying.

Amber: Mr. Schu is always so damn patronizing, especially toward the women in the show. That scene was so hard to sit through. Mr. Schu is a grown ass man. Not a high school student, not sixteen…a GROWN man! It is so childish to kiss a woman that you don’t have any romantic feelings for because she said she’s never been kissed, especially when she really means she’s never felt loved by a man. C’mon! That scene was so frustrating…so empty.

Liz: She didn’t feel pretty so his kissing her was a sign that she wasn’t repulsive…she was pretty enough to be kissed. And then here’s me throwing the remote! GRRRRRRRR…..I just wanted her to slap him. Did I ask you to kiss me? Not to say, “you really think I’m pretty Will?” OMG. Who cares what he thinks? Or what some little sixteen year olds think? A woman’s esteem should not be based on these things…* shaking my fist at the sky *. Ok, I’ll stop and sit down.

Amber: I was most bothered by her longing for male validation, and the fact Mr. Schu’s self-righteous self slid right into that role and made himself comfortable. She was portrayed as very emotionally weak. Again, I get what they are trying to do with her character by highlighting the fact that she doesn’t necessarily fit into a traditionally feminine model, but they completely overdo it. I can understand why she would be hurt by her students thinking that she’s ugly. That’s always hard to take, especially if you don’t always feel or consider yourself beautiful. But I dunno the whole “I’m 40 and I’ve never been kissed,” “On the inside I’m a little girl.” And telling all of this to freakin Mr. Schu?! Gaaaaaah. We don’t need men to define or validate us, ladies and if you haven’t learned that at 40, cotdamn!

Liz: I get the being hurt thing too…I do. But the show undermines itself – it shows the complexity of her character (her being an outsider) and the effect traditionally feminine “norms” have on her, and then turns around and gives the tools to deal with this conflict to the men. She feels better about herself because all the men on the show demonstrate appreciation for her? Not a good plan. It also rang false that she’d just resign and then whimper in the locker room with Schu. In another episode she cried, but that response felt accurate to what she was feeling and dealing with. This response was just another case of bad writing. It’s not that I don’t think the hurt was real…or that dealing with her esteem issues was real…but let’s have a response that makes sense. Give me some better dialogue. And let’s not let the lesson be that the leading man’s kiss will improve everything. It was not a sweet moment. Seriously, slap him. He’s your freakin co-worker.

Amber: *Snaps!* Tell ‘em, Liz! :) Yes, this episode was poorly done. Clearly, they have good intentions, but please please don’t sacrifice the writing. I seriously had a “what is happening with Glee?” moment. It makes me sad. I kinda love this show. :( I hope they get it back on track.

Gchattin’ #Glee: Season 2 Ep. 4

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We’re back! We’ve been on vacation and have kinda failed to put this up….but this episode was crazy so we had to discuss. Of course.
We’ll be better. We promise.

Season 2 Episode 4: “Duets”

Amber: So, this episode was CRAZY (!) and loaded from beginning to end. I was wearing a “wtf?!” face the entire time. I don’t even know where to begin…so feel free to delve in first, lol.

Liz: Lemme look at my notes. lol. Well, this episode was packed. PACKED. I could start anywhere really. How about Kurt and Finn…When Finn told Kurt, “No means no.” I was like, really writers? We’re gonna use that line? “No means no” is a line used in regards to rape…we’re gonna go there?

Amber: I totally agree with you. It was definitely a poor choice of words and has a host of implications. Another line that really irked me, again from Finn, was: “I don’t have a problem with gay dudes, everyone else does and we live in their world.” Smh…so problematic. Finn is constantly projecting his mangled understandings of masculinity and his own issues with sexuality onto Kurt. He refuses to address his homophobia and instead acts as if Kurt provokes the harsh words and actions of his “peers.” Seriously though, Finn needs to get it together and have a heart to heart with himself. What are you so damn afraid of, Finn? To be honest, this entire episode kind of annoyed me, especially the way they handled Kurt’s feelings.

Liz: Yeah. Definitely. Kurt is asked to be strong for everyone else. I thought it was interesting that the new kid didn’t seem to care much. He said yes to a duet and was going to do it. I wonder what the writers will do with him…I have hope that he’ll bring a little sanity. I don’t know. (And we’ll have to get to him and Quinn later. So cute.) But I was sad to see Kurt get pushed to the side. I mean….Back in that episode in the basement, I could feel some (some) sympathy with Finn. Having to play sibling to someone who likes you is awkward, but I think the writers ended up addressing it the wrong way. Rather than, “hey that was awkward!”, it became, “hey that was awkward and since you’re gay please don’t ever publicly like someone ever again.” A mess.

Amber: OK, therein lies my issue with Finn’s reaction to that situation and how he’s treated Kurt since then. I agree that it can be awkward to have a potential step sibling like you, but it’s not threatening. Kurt never threatened Finn in any way. Yet, Finn felt threatened and in turn responded defensively with violent language and actions. Finn’s reactions to Kurt don’t have much to do with Kurt at all, Kurt just forces Finn to deal with and think about his own fears and insecurities with masculinity and sexuality in his otherwise happy heterosexual world.

Liz: Right. And Finn acts as if its Kurt’s job to “protect” everybody else…How about Finn “protecting” Kurt (meaning take the shit along with Kurt if that’s what’s gonna happen)? And when his dad tells him to lay off the new kid, Kurt at least points out that they’re all acting as if he’s predatory.

Amber: Exactly. And what is it that Kurt is supposed to be protecting them from exactly? Himself? What’s so scary about him? If someone isn’t interested, then they aren’t interested. Just tell him and move on. The real issue is that Kurt makes them uncomfortable because seeing and accepting his openness with his sexuality, brings their own insecurities to the surface. You can’t ignore something (or someone) when it’s right in front of you.

Liz: That’s why I thought the new kid Sam’s response was interesting. Finn tries to talk him out of it and he says no. And gets a slushie to the face. It got downplayed, and I wished they’d played it up more. But I guess Rachel got to be the support in the end. Great line: “You may be lonely but you’re not alone.” But I wished it was Sam because it’d be more interesting (and more powerful) for the support to be from a straight guy rather than a girl (again).

Amber: The support would have been more powerful coming from Sam. But I still think the way they dealt with the entire situation was a cop out. Everyone applauding how “brave” Kurt is and the line: “When you’re special, sometimes you need to be alone.” Gaaaah. On the one hand, I understand the sentiment behind this logic. High school is rough. You’re figuring yourself out, hormones are raging, and everybody is kinda shallow. It does get easier to embrace who you are and learn to love yourself as you get older, it’s definitely something I’m still learning. :) BUT, I also think that it could be sending the wrong message, that is, being gay is a lonely life and you have to accept society’s limitations and restrictions on your freedoms because you are “different.” Not OK.

Liz: Yeah I agree…because at the same time you want to say that the reality needs to change….Ok…so this may not be the greatest transition, but can we talk about Brittany and Santana?

Amber: Yes, omg…they are totally in love. Did you pick up on that? There was a lot going on with them in this episode and I think the writers chose to make their awkward sexual/emotional tension apparent in a really weird way.

Liz: Ok are they both in love? or is it just Brittany?

Amber: OK, so the first time I watched it, I didn’t pick up on it. I had more of a “wtf? why are Brittany and Santana making out?” response. But the second time I watched it…I still had that reaction, lol, but I paid more attention to the ways they interacted throughout the rest of the episode. There was so much tension between the two of them and Santana totally sabotaged Brittany’s “relationship” with Artie. That was some serious shade. The two of them def have a lot to work out with each other.

Liz: Hmmm…I was just like, “you girls are confused.” Sleep with every guy on the football team and making out with each other, I’d be sitting down with you to talk about life. lol Also, the stuff with Artie was crazy. When he blamed Brittany for trampling over his virginity, I was just like, “unh unh…boo it takes two”

Amber: Ok, well maybe saying that they are “in love” is too simplistic. What I really mean is, I think that they have a very intimate relationship that, it seems, they both have trouble understanding and I think the writers use their “promiscuity” to downplay it in a way. Also, the both of them sleeping with most of the guys in the school or on the football team is a problem in itself and are often indicators of some deep insecurity. Not all the time, but yeah. As far as Artie is concerned, I agree with you. It does take two and he did make himself out to be the victim. In a way he should’ve known better, but also in a way Brittany did take advantage of him. But like you said, he can’t completely demonize her, it takes two.

Liz: I mean, he just got through saying he had feelings for someone else…but some other feelings overpowered the moment obviously. I was just irritated. As far as Brittany and Santana, I think your observations are interesting and I wonder where the writers will take this.

Amber: Agreed. I mean, their sexual tension is evident and I feel like I’ve definitely noticed it before, but in this episode it was a little more pronounced…on purpose, I think. But hey, who knows…maybe i’m reading too much into it…? We will see.

Liz: lol. ok so on a lighter note, two adorable things about this episode: Quinn and Sam and Mike Chang. So at first, I thought Quinn should stay away from him…you know, don’t go jumpin in any new relationships, but they are so freakin cute together. It’s almost sickening. And I’ll bet you 10 dollars (not really) that those two actors are gonna end up together…that chemistry is just too real. lol. And then Mike…I hope they keep him with those actual conversations and routines! No more “the other Asian kid,” we should all remember his name! And he’s so cute. ;) Ok I’m done. lol

Amber: I actually thought Mike and Tina’s duet was the best of the episode. It was so damn clever and very well executed (standing ovation). Also, I just love to watch Mike dance…and to just watch him…sooooo hot. Quinn and Sam are sickeningly cute, but I emphasize sickeningly. Lol. I just can’t get into it…and I recognize that I’m just hatin…but they are just way too damn blond. I’m just sayin.

Liz: Maybe he’ll go back to his natural color. Lol. No more lemon juice. They have the best goo-goo eyes for each other. LOL

Amber: Aw, you love it. Haha. I love that you love it. :)

Liz: LOL. I do love it. The second time I watched it I was like, this is so sickening but dammit I kinda love it.

Amber: Lol. Smdh.

Gchattin’ #Glee: Season 2 Ep. 3

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We share many things in common including a fondness for musicals, sweet potato fries, and Lauryn Hill, but what keeps us talking every Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning), other than overall deepness, is our LOVE of Glee.

Since 800 miles between Chicago and New York separates us, Google gets a major shoutout for helping us stay connected. And because Glee is kind of deep, it’s only natural that it’d end up on the blog. So behold the first installment of our weekly “gchattin glee.” (We’re kinda late and currently starting one episode behind this week’s, but we’ll catch up.) Join us in the comments section.

Season 2 Episode 3:
“Grilled Cheesus”

So…first thoughts?

Amber: I think overall this was a very solid episode. It was definitely EXTREMELY layered and they tackled a lot of issues, but I think for the most part they did it well.

Liz: Yeah. Agreed. I thought they handled the different view points pretty well…of course there were the random stuff….I was kind of disappointed with the gospel or should I say “gospel.” Although, I did love that version of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Amber: Yes! So, when the episode first began, I was CONVINCED that it was going to be a gospel episode and was beside myself with excitement. And then unfortunately suffered a very real disappointment when that was not the case.

Liz: Yeah, that first song Mercedes sang was pretty generic. And I had the same thought too…”YES! Please Gospel….oh wait….maaaaan…..”

Amber: Right?! I mean come on, Mercedes is like a gospel powerhouse and they know this!!! For a second I thought they were going to have her sing “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and I swear had that happened I would have died…happy.

Liz: That would’ve been amazing!!! Best song. Better than what she did.

Amber: Totally. I also thought their rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water was well done, but since you bring it up, can we please discuss the Black Church scene??!! So deeeep!

Liz: Ha! You mean the classic ”look, it’s Hollywood’s version of a Black church with every possible stereotypical symbol to represent it.” And that’s the most POC Glee has ever seen…

Amber: Yes, YES! I was thinking the same thing. So the church is where all the Black people in Lima, Ohio hang out. That one black football player probably goes there too and was chillin in the back row. His grandmama is head of the usher board.

Liz: LOL. Indeed. I was trying to imagine that casting call.

Amber: To be honest though, they probably did just roll up in a Black church and stick a flyer on the bulletin board…i’m just sayin.

Liz: It would be the easiest way…It’s interesting to me that the only actual religious space shown is a Black church. What do you think of that? Given that it’s meant to be an episode that covers “religion” in a broad sense.

Amber: It’s very interesting that you bring that up. I think it’s a lot like you said earlier, the Black Church is a symbol that Hollywood feels comfortable using to represent religion and a number of other things, such as community, personal and emotional strength, and of course the music…we can’t forget about the music. In a way, these are things are characteristic to the Black Church and can be found in it’s history. But they become dramatized, exaggerated, and taken out of context in Hollywood’s presentation of them and what is produced is more of an imagined version of the Black Church that is closer to stereotyping than reality.

Liz: And by creating an imagined version it becomes a “safe” zone. Not sure why or what that means…especially since Black churches have historically been a powerful force of political and social change (not exactly “safe”). So where’s the bite? It’s usually outside the church walls in Hollywood. Here (and in other shows/movies) we see a place where white people might feel welcome…they may be a little uncomfortable but they’re getting hugged! As opposed to all the other Hollywood images of black communities which tell you that you better watch your back….and duck into the nearest church. And because that makes them more comfortable, they’re less uncomfortable with the religious part. All making it “safe.”

Amber: Safe Black spaces for white people. LOL. Hilarious. I totally agree with you, I think in this case it’s “safe” because like we said, it’s a presentation of religion that is familiar within mainstream Hollywood. Also, Kurt could visit a Black Church and be removed, engaged, and touched at all the same time–welcomed into the loving Black community where older Black women, “the mothers” of the church (Okaay pentecostals!), give you hugs and encouraging smiles.

Liz: The hugs and smiles (and hand holding) would totally happen lol…just sayin’. Haha. But yeah…

Amber: Not if he was wearing that hat…I’m just sayin…lol.

Liz: Yeah I definitely thought that too. Like, riiiight….he wouldn’t get any looks?

Amber: He would’ve gotten a whole lot more than looks…smdh. Although, I have to say, it looked good on him, he was rocking it!

Liz: He was! And somebody else in the church was feelin it too. I’m still stuck on the fact that it was the one space shown…so interesting to me. Hollywood loves this scene (hey I can love it too).

Amber: I agree with you, it’s a great point, and to be completely honest, it was another one of my assumptions from the beginning. I just felt in my bones that eventually there would be a Black church scene by virtue of religion being the central theme of the episode and because Mercedes is a main character (with a mean Aretha Franklin alto).

Liz: Yeah. And I was thinking about how a white church scene would probably be very liturgical, high church and therefore come off as dry…or it could be hands in the air and shouting and that comes off as threatening (in a religious zealot sorta way).

Amber: On the other hand, a Black Church scene is pretty standard in Hollywood, all you need is black people, choir robes, and some fans, and you’re good.

Liz: Add a good man and you have a Tyler Perry movie. ;)

Amber: Ha! True that. OK…so what did we think of Kurt’s views on God and the Church?

Liz: Hmmm….which were, there is no God?

Amber: Yes, but I also think that he was very defensive. Even though he firmly stated that he didn’t believe in God, it was clear that much of his reasoning was heavily influenced by negative experiences with religion. There was a lot of anger there, which I do believe is warranted, and it’s interesting that the writing emphasized that pain.

Liz: I think you’re right. He seemed to suggest his beliefs were based on logic, but it was also obviously very emotional. His pain is real. But Mercedes in the end points out that his defensiveness is hurting his friendships. People are reaching out to him, not to pressure him, but because they care about him.

Amber: Agreed. But I do think that when you don’t subscribe to others’ beliefs it can become a tricky situation. Especially because in this case it was very personal. They weren’t just having lunch one day and somebody decided to be a witness…ya dig? So I can understand where he is coming from in the sense that if he didn’t think prayers were going to work, why waste his time indulging his friends?

Liz: Totally. I’ll say one of my favorite scenes was between Sue and her sister, when her sister asks “do you want me to pray for you?” I got a little teary eyed (of course), because I think that’s so powerful. Ask the question! These kids (cuz they’re in high school right? unh-huh) can just ask the question. Can I pray for you and your dad? The answer will be what it will be…and if it’s no, then that’s okay. Nothing says a prayer has to be public anyway.

Amber: This is true and I think in the end he did realize that his friends were just trying to help him in the ways that they knew how and it was the sentiment that mattered. The love and support of your friends during tough times is very important.

Liz: Yeah. But I definitely agree that they were really expecting him to respond to their desires rather than what he needed….which is perhaps either the fault of the characters or the writing (and how they may see prayer).

Amber: Explaaaain.

Liz: lol. Which part?

Amber:How the writers may see prayer…?”

Liz: Well I got to thinking about this idea that prayer in this show was very public…they all wanted to show Kurt that they were praying for his Dad. Which might suggest that the writers see prayer as more of a communication between people rather than a person and God. Not that people don’t get together and pray…cuz we know they do but…you get what I’m sayin?

Amber: I do, but I also think that the a major underlying theme of the show is self-expression through song and through the club, and that the easiest way to have an open conversation about religion was to do it through the music, which in turn made the prayers seem very public.

Liz: True. And I don’t necessarily pin my interpretation on the writers. Religion + Hollywood is sooo hard and usually not very good…so I give them kudos for not totally pissing me off. Lol.

Amber: Word. I actually loved how they ended the episode. The “What if God was One of Us” number was so perfect and worked so well with Kurt being honest with his father about not believing in God, but believing in the two of them together as a unit. I thought it was pretty powerful.

Liz: Agreed. It also emphasizes our humanity – there’s something to unravel: the “sacred” emphasizes our humanity. If we ask the question, what if God was one of us, then we have to examine how we treat each other…and how perhaps we treat God. Also, side note…I loved Kurt singing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” And Kurt can cry….for real. He makes me teary-eyed…or makes me cry (ahem). Best crier on the show? Yes.

Amber: Oh, hands-down. He also has the cold shoulder thing covered. He legitimately gives THE BEST side-eye. Loves it. One of my fave scenes was when Finn tried to hug him and he gave him the “Boo, really though? Let’s not even go there” face. Priceless. Passed D.A.R.E. with flying colors!

Liz: LOL. So true.

Amber: I also thought that they made excellent use of “the sacred,” first introducing it when Kurt’s Dad attempts to explain why “Friday night dinners” are important, and then bringing it around full circle at the end of the episode when Kurt proclaims his belief in the sanctity of family! Good job, writers.

Liz: It was a good Glee theme…they always have one. ;) (although next episode and next discussion – what the heck was that theme?). But it was interesting to think of it in the context of high school students trying to figure it out. And the adults around them (help or hinder?).

Amber: Indeed. Actually, I thought that the adults (minus Sue) were pretty hands off this episode and left open a lot of room for exploration, especially Mr. Schu and Emma. And “grilled cheesus” is hilarious…also pretty darn good writing, I must say.

Liz: Oh, Finn…you make me afraid. (Also side note…but speaking of Jesus images, have you seen Henry Poole Is Here? Good movie.)

Amber: I have not…I’ll put it on my list. ;) Any other thoughts/themes worthy of discussion?

Liz: Well…there was the Religion and State aspect….Sue represented the classic argument against any religious representation in schools. Although, she came around (the show arguing that it’s a form of student expression?).

Amber: I still think they should do a real gospel episode…I’m just sayin.

Liz: Can we start a petition???? PLEASE. I would be soooo happy. I’ll even make a list of suggestions. Lol.

Amber: YES. Petition in the comments section. ;) And I already have some suggestions too “1. Mercedes to sing Mahalia Jackson….”

Liz: Amen. ;)

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