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I’m in a funk. And I know that all of us get into a funk every now and then, but, I think it’s just way too early in the new year for me to be so darn melancholy. 2011 is cool and all, but in the midst of my angst surrounding my current job and my uncertainty regarding my ”ultimate” career path (and the ever daunting future) I find myself viewing it more as a year of tackling some pretty overwhelming questions and trying to figure out ways to stop myself from retreating into a corner. Gaaaah.

Well, being in a funk is never fun. So, instead of stressing myself with all of the things that I’m so unsure about, I’ve been spending my time thinking about things I can control and plan for like….VACATION. If I ever felt the need to get away, it’s now. Lol.
So, number one on the list of the things distracting me at work today is my top vacation spots that I’d like to hit before 2012. Let’s see if we can make it happen.

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL
I am determined to make it here this year to get on that damn Harry Potter ride. I promise you that I will make it to Orlando, even if it’s only for a weekend. Who’s with me?
Las Vegas, Nevada
Just ’cause I feel like I have to make it to Vegas in my early twenties, you know, before people can judge me for acting like a reckless Vegas first-timer. And who knows? Maybe I’ll win big and splurge on seeing Celine Dion.
Somewhere with a BEACH
The beach really is my happy place. Like, actually. So when I say “the beach,” it really can be anywhere warm, where I can sit in the sand with a cocktail, look at the ocean, and forget for just a few days that I live in “the city that never sleeps.” And it’s about time I made my way to the Carribbean. Any suggestions?
I want to shop and eat lunch in Harrods, see Big Ben, and really just sit in a coffee shop or something somewhere and listen to people talk. Lol. And hopefully travel around Europe a bit. Oh, and…ur totally coming with me. ;)
Ok, my list could go on and on and on, but if I make it to at least two of these spots this year, I think I’ll be a happy camper. Dream big, right? I totally feel better already….OK, back to work.

Amber’s Top Ten WTF?! Moments of 2010

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Whoa. It’s 2011. *Blank Stare* How the hell did that happen? Really though, W.T.F…?

1. Tiger Woods’ Fidelity FAIL

Oh Tiger, I still have no words for you. What is the mistress count at now…42 or something? Smdh. Tiger was on top of the world and he learned the hard way that no one is invincible and Karma is nothing to play with. This was easily one of the most scandalous news stories of the year and no one saw it coming. After admitting to having scores of affairs, he and his wife Elin Nordegren divorced and she reportedly took home a cool $100 million in the settlement. WOMP.

2. The World Cup makes it’s way to Africa

 The 2010 World Cup marked a historic moment for The International Federation of Association Football–for the first time ever, the World Cup was hosted by an African Country.  And,  I must say, South Africa did one hell of a job.  So in this case it’s more of a  ”WTF took you so long, FIFA?!” moment.   

3. Antoine Dodson

“Hide yo’ kids’! Hide yo’ wife!” After an intruder broke into Kelly Dodson’s window and attempted to rape her, her brother, Antoine Dodson sent a fierce message to the perpetrator and a warning to his neighbors in an interview with local news reporters. In days the interview hit the internet and went viral and is now the number one most watched video on youtube. Since his first television appearance, Antoine has produced a t-shirt line, has a single out (available for purchase on itunes), and has performed on BET several times. His rise to celebridom kind of makes you cringe, but I can’t even be mad at this dude. If they want to pay you for it, get your hustle on, Antoine, and make it work. **Snap Snap**

4. Oprah Begins her 25th and Final Season

It’s the end of an era. 

Oprah announced on November 20, 2009 that her 25th and final season will begin in the Fall of 2010. This past September she kicked off the season in style by telling 300 of her most dedicated viewers that they would be flying with her to Australia on a paid vacation and taping of her show, AND (wait for it…) John Travolta would be the pilot. No words. Only Oprah can make so many awesome things happen at once. The rest of the season has been pretty awesome as well. Some of my favorites include her interview at the Jackson Family Estate, and of course, two days of “Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things.”  I am deeply saddened to see the show end, but I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

5. Shirley Sherrod is fired over nonsense
Nonsense is an understatement. This situation shows that even though we’ve come a long way in improving race relations in this country, we still have a long long way to go. 

6. Racist events at UC San Diego and other UC schools inspire protests

Another situation that proves the same damn thing–we have a long way to go. Kudos to UC students on several different campuses for organizing, speaking up, and speaking out. Racist incidents like these happen on college campuses all the time and the fact that their protests received national attention will hopefully push the administration and the administrations at colleges across the country to take notice and make some fundamental changes.

7. Longest Tennis Match Ever: Wimbledon 2010 – Isner vs. Mahut

Three Days. 11 hours and 5 minutes of playing time. 183 Games. EPIC.

8. Mo’nique Wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actress
Now who would’ve thought that Ms. Nikki Parker would take home an Oscar one day. Mo’nique definitely deserved it. When I think about her monologue at the end of “Precious” I still get teary-eyed. Get it, girl. *Snaps*

9. Conan O’Brien New Host of The Tonight Show…wait, just kidding

Probably one of the most embarrassing moments for NBC, Conan, and Jay Leno. Conan handled it with grace though and went out with style.  He now has a new show on TBS that I hear is “very funny” (haha…ha). ;)

10. The cast of Glee does a photo shoot for GQ
This photo shoot is a hot ass mess. WTF were they thinking? Really, Glee…really though?  *side-eye*

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