Gchattin’ #Glee: Season 2 Ep. 4

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We’re back! We’ve been on vacation and have kinda failed to put this up….but this episode was crazy so we had to discuss. Of course.
We’ll be better. We promise.

Season 2 Episode 4: “Duets”

Amber: So, this episode was CRAZY (!) and loaded from beginning to end. I was wearing a “wtf?!” face the entire time. I don’t even know where to begin…so feel free to delve in first, lol.

Liz: Lemme look at my notes. lol. Well, this episode was packed. PACKED. I could start anywhere really. How about Kurt and Finn…When Finn told Kurt, “No means no.” I was like, really writers? We’re gonna use that line? “No means no” is a line used in regards to rape…we’re gonna go there?

Amber: I totally agree with you. It was definitely a poor choice of words and has a host of implications. Another line that really irked me, again from Finn, was: “I don’t have a problem with gay dudes, everyone else does and we live in their world.” Smh…so problematic. Finn is constantly projecting his mangled understandings of masculinity and his own issues with sexuality onto Kurt. He refuses to address his homophobia and instead acts as if Kurt provokes the harsh words and actions of his “peers.” Seriously though, Finn needs to get it together and have a heart to heart with himself. What are you so damn afraid of, Finn? To be honest, this entire episode kind of annoyed me, especially the way they handled Kurt’s feelings.

Liz: Yeah. Definitely. Kurt is asked to be strong for everyone else. I thought it was interesting that the new kid didn’t seem to care much. He said yes to a duet and was going to do it. I wonder what the writers will do with him…I have hope that he’ll bring a little sanity. I don’t know. (And we’ll have to get to him and Quinn later. So cute.) But I was sad to see Kurt get pushed to the side. I mean….Back in that episode in the basement, I could feel some (some) sympathy with Finn. Having to play sibling to someone who likes you is awkward, but I think the writers ended up addressing it the wrong way. Rather than, “hey that was awkward!”, it became, “hey that was awkward and since you’re gay please don’t ever publicly like someone ever again.” A mess.

Amber: OK, therein lies my issue with Finn’s reaction to that situation and how he’s treated Kurt since then. I agree that it can be awkward to have a potential step sibling like you, but it’s not threatening. Kurt never threatened Finn in any way. Yet, Finn felt threatened and in turn responded defensively with violent language and actions. Finn’s reactions to Kurt don’t have much to do with Kurt at all, Kurt just forces Finn to deal with and think about his own fears and insecurities with masculinity and sexuality in his otherwise happy heterosexual world.

Liz: Right. And Finn acts as if its Kurt’s job to “protect” everybody else…How about Finn “protecting” Kurt (meaning take the shit along with Kurt if that’s what’s gonna happen)? And when his dad tells him to lay off the new kid, Kurt at least points out that they’re all acting as if he’s predatory.

Amber: Exactly. And what is it that Kurt is supposed to be protecting them from exactly? Himself? What’s so scary about him? If someone isn’t interested, then they aren’t interested. Just tell him and move on. The real issue is that Kurt makes them uncomfortable because seeing and accepting his openness with his sexuality, brings their own insecurities to the surface. You can’t ignore something (or someone) when it’s right in front of you.

Liz: That’s why I thought the new kid Sam’s response was interesting. Finn tries to talk him out of it and he says no. And gets a slushie to the face. It got downplayed, and I wished they’d played it up more. But I guess Rachel got to be the support in the end. Great line: “You may be lonely but you’re not alone.” But I wished it was Sam because it’d be more interesting (and more powerful) for the support to be from a straight guy rather than a girl (again).

Amber: The support would have been more powerful coming from Sam. But I still think the way they dealt with the entire situation was a cop out. Everyone applauding how “brave” Kurt is and the line: “When you’re special, sometimes you need to be alone.” Gaaaah. On the one hand, I understand the sentiment behind this logic. High school is rough. You’re figuring yourself out, hormones are raging, and everybody is kinda shallow. It does get easier to embrace who you are and learn to love yourself as you get older, it’s definitely something I’m still learning. :) BUT, I also think that it could be sending the wrong message, that is, being gay is a lonely life and you have to accept society’s limitations and restrictions on your freedoms because you are “different.” Not OK.

Liz: Yeah I agree…because at the same time you want to say that the reality needs to change….Ok…so this may not be the greatest transition, but can we talk about Brittany and Santana?

Amber: Yes, omg…they are totally in love. Did you pick up on that? There was a lot going on with them in this episode and I think the writers chose to make their awkward sexual/emotional tension apparent in a really weird way.

Liz: Ok are they both in love? or is it just Brittany?

Amber: OK, so the first time I watched it, I didn’t pick up on it. I had more of a “wtf? why are Brittany and Santana making out?” response. But the second time I watched it…I still had that reaction, lol, but I paid more attention to the ways they interacted throughout the rest of the episode. There was so much tension between the two of them and Santana totally sabotaged Brittany’s “relationship” with Artie. That was some serious shade. The two of them def have a lot to work out with each other.

Liz: Hmmm…I was just like, “you girls are confused.” Sleep with every guy on the football team and making out with each other, I’d be sitting down with you to talk about life. lol Also, the stuff with Artie was crazy. When he blamed Brittany for trampling over his virginity, I was just like, “unh unh…boo it takes two”

Amber: Ok, well maybe saying that they are “in love” is too simplistic. What I really mean is, I think that they have a very intimate relationship that, it seems, they both have trouble understanding and I think the writers use their “promiscuity” to downplay it in a way. Also, the both of them sleeping with most of the guys in the school or on the football team is a problem in itself and are often indicators of some deep insecurity. Not all the time, but yeah. As far as Artie is concerned, I agree with you. It does take two and he did make himself out to be the victim. In a way he should’ve known better, but also in a way Brittany did take advantage of him. But like you said, he can’t completely demonize her, it takes two.

Liz: I mean, he just got through saying he had feelings for someone else…but some other feelings overpowered the moment obviously. I was just irritated. As far as Brittany and Santana, I think your observations are interesting and I wonder where the writers will take this.

Amber: Agreed. I mean, their sexual tension is evident and I feel like I’ve definitely noticed it before, but in this episode it was a little more pronounced…on purpose, I think. But hey, who knows…maybe i’m reading too much into it…? We will see.

Liz: lol. ok so on a lighter note, two adorable things about this episode: Quinn and Sam and Mike Chang. So at first, I thought Quinn should stay away from him…you know, don’t go jumpin in any new relationships, but they are so freakin cute together. It’s almost sickening. And I’ll bet you 10 dollars (not really) that those two actors are gonna end up together…that chemistry is just too real. lol. And then Mike…I hope they keep him with those actual conversations and routines! No more “the other Asian kid,” we should all remember his name! And he’s so cute. ;) Ok I’m done. lol

Amber: I actually thought Mike and Tina’s duet was the best of the episode. It was so damn clever and very well executed (standing ovation). Also, I just love to watch Mike dance…and to just watch him…sooooo hot. Quinn and Sam are sickeningly cute, but I emphasize sickeningly. Lol. I just can’t get into it…and I recognize that I’m just hatin…but they are just way too damn blond. I’m just sayin.

Liz: Maybe he’ll go back to his natural color. Lol. No more lemon juice. They have the best goo-goo eyes for each other. LOL

Amber: Aw, you love it. Haha. I love that you love it. :)

Liz: LOL. I do love it. The second time I watched it I was like, this is so sickening but dammit I kinda love it.

Amber: Lol. Smdh.

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