Liz’s Top Ten Deep Moments of 2011

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1. Osama Bin Ladin is killed.

By far, one of the biggest moments of 2011. The image of an empty podium leading up to the press conference, the “ooooh shiiiit!” as Obama announced his death, the disturbing spontaneous celebrations, the fact that the elusive terrorist leader was finally caught (and killed) – for all these reasons, this was a BIG deal.

2. Arab Spring

A vegetable seller in Tunisia sets himself on Fire in December 2010 and suddenly protests across the region erupt. The exciting events were unbelievable to all as people swarmed the streets in several countries. Most notably the reigns of Mubarek in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya end. Check out this awesome timeline that shows the major events – from Algeria to Tunisia to Jordan and Yemen.

3. Nobel Peace Prize awarded to three women.

It was wonderful to see these three women receive praise for their efforts in building and sustaining peace. Kudos to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Twakkol Karman.

4. Marilyn Monroe Statue in Chicago

Yeah, we win some, we lose some. While women are winning Nobel prizes, some idiot puts a giant statue of Marilyn Monroe, who will forever be objectified, in Chicago for all the world to pose under her giant legs and discover – lo and behold! – her panties underneath. Sigh. (“I love my city, I love my city, I love my city.”)

5. Occupy Wall Street

It started simply in September and spread like wildfire. The chant of “we are the 99%” has been heard in nearly every city ever since. How long, how far and how much effect this movement will have we’ll continue to see.

6. South Sudan Secedes

Remember this? I had to drag the memory out and recall that, yes Sudan did a hold a vote and yes, South Sudan did secede from the rest of the country (and that yes, Luol Deng, Bulls player, voted). Makes me want someone to recap what’s been happening in this fledgling country.

 7. Earthquake in Japan

This devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake killed over 15,000 people and sent a country and world into panic over a possible major nuclear meltdown. Blessings and prayers for Japan in this coming New Year.

8. Charlie Sheen Meltdown

Okay, so he probably isn’t worth a mention, but “Winning” really did become the catchphrase of 2011. A saddening display of long-term drug use and narcissism.

9. That’s So Deep posts on Racialicious and Amber joins Racialicious Roundtable.

Ummm, you know we’re a bit narcissistic over here and I have to give us some shout-outs. That’s So Deep posted a lil G’chattin session on Racialicious which later led to Amber’s awesome involvement on the Racialicious Roundtable for True Blood. That also involves a good story of  how Amber frantically tried to contact me (lost in the wilderness) about this opportunity via text, phone call and Facebook. Ask us about it sometime. ;)

10. That’s So Deep headquarters officially in Chicago!

And finally, Amber moves to Chicago! I start seminary! She starts grad school! Life goes crazy! 2011, oh the changes you brought.

Whach’ya got, 2012?

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