Gchattin’ #Glee: Season 2 Episode 7

November 19th, 2010 § 0 comments

We continue our gchats about Glee….and the on-going love/hate relationship we have with the show.

Season 2 Episode 7: “The Substitute”

Liz: So as Gwyneth Paltrow (aka Holly Holiday) was sitting on the couch drinking a beer with Mr. Schu, I came to a realization….Schu needs some guy friends. Seriously. What is with all these women around him ALL the time. His ex-wife giving him soup and that whole convo was just one more reason for me to be tired of Schu’s sad sad story….

Amber: Omg! AGREED. Where are all the men in Lima and why isn’t Mr. Schu friends with any of them? He’s lonely, surrounded by women, and keeps making bad decisions. I was very disappointed in how he dealt with his ex-wife…low blow dude, low blow.

Liz: Seriously. But I feel like the show made it out to seem like he was completely justified…or somethin. I was just thinking that I’m tired of this sorry storyline and can we move on…Plus, didn’t it seem like Holly was giving him the “hey there!” eyeball too? He needs to be taken down a notch, in my opinion.

Amber: Holly was totally giving him the sexy eye! And I was giving my TV a side-eye. I swear, I was just waiting for them to make out. I woulda been so pissed. On another note, what did we think of the whole Mercedes storyline?

Liz: We thought it was stupid…at least I did. She’s replacing her want/need (?) of a boyfriend with tots?? Really? Really?? And it never fails that you have one character who isn’t skinny and at some point there has to a dramatic plot point (“I am beautiful”), a humorous one or one that I just don’t get all together…such as this time….

Amber: Yeah, when she was all excited about the tots in the beginning, I got scared (my reaction: “Oh, here we gooooo” * rolls eyes * ).

Liz: Ummm…kinda like when I got scared at the Holly moment in the classroom with random girl that storms her….ummm problematic??? Big black girl (I don’t even like to phrase it that way when it’s so packed with stereotypes and imagery….but that’s what they were using) who gives attitude and scares poor skinny blond white (idealistic?) teacher. Lemme grab my shoe.

Amber: Kinda reminiscent of Precious…on purpose, I think, which just really isn’t that funny. It was overly stereotypical and then coupled with Mercedes’ storyline it was just too much…like what are you tryna say? Was it pick on a Black girl day at the Glee studios or something?

Liz: I really just didn’t get all that. It was just weird. For one thing, they’d already brought up the weight thing. So were they bringing it up again? No….apparently they were bringing up her relationship status. By having her drool over tater tots. Honestly, I think the writers were just sitting around saying “hey we haven’t given Mercedes a storyline in awhile…what should we do?” And since everybody and their mama has a love interest story goin on, I guess they decided it was just too much for her to have a real one too. Enter love of tater tots.

Amber: Well, we can’t have too many regular Black characters now, can we? Let alone putting Mercedes in a long-term interracial relationship…?! Not gonna happen (and Mercedes and Puck DOES NOT count).

Liz: Apparently not (and maaan…even tho he’s an ass, I always did love that pairing). Can’t have more regular black characters so enter Precious cameo…and like you said, not even funny. On another note, what did you think of Gwyneth Paltrow?

Amber: I thought she was OK, but largely unexciting. The musical numbers were a lot better in this episode than in last episode though, that’s for sure. “Singin the Rain” was pretty impressive.

Liz: I actually wasn’t that into it. I thought I would be, but maybe I expected too much…I felt like it was just “Singin in the Rain” to the tune of “Umbrella.” And I wasn’t feelin it. Tho the dancing was fun. And I did like Gwyneth as her character. I thought it was a good character and brought some life to the otherwise annoying story lines. And although I love Mike Chang…his and Shu’s rendition of “Make’em Laugh” can’t compare to Joseph Gordon Levitt’s version on SNL. Just sayin’.

Amber: It was “Singin in the Rain” to the tune of “Umbrella.” That’s exaaaactly the reason I liked it though. You gotta admit the mash up was pretty clever…c’mon! (Undercover Rihanna fan)

Liz: Or not so undercover ;)

Amber: * Blushing * Although I thought Mike Chang and Mr. Schu’s dance number was really random, I rather enjoyed it. I’m glad they are finally letting Mike dance. Dude is amazing, and I’m glad that they recognize that dance is just as much of a part of musical theater as the singing.

Liz: Agreed. I also just like Mike. =) And will always support him doing more (lines!).

Amber: Word. So what about Kurt? Are we happy that he’s finally found someone that he feels he can relate to?

Liz: Well…yes. They finally give him an interest. But when I pause to think about it, I wonder why all these friends (the Glee club friends) don’t actually seem to be friends….I mean, Kurt’s response to Mercedes is that she needs a boyfriend? I was kinda like…riiiight. She’s there as your friend until you no longer “need” her. It’s great that he has someone he can relate to, but let’s not cast Mercedes to the side by blaming her for what she’s looking to her friends for. And I’m saying that to the writers.

Amber: I feel like that situation is a pretty accurate depiction of high school though. Kids are shallow. He loves Mercedes, but he’s found something he’s been longing for in someone else. It was a void that she couldn’t fill and this friendship is new, so he’s all excited and invested in it. It’s sad that Mercedes gets left out though, but I’m positive that he will come around…hopefully.

Liz: I agree. High school is definitely like that. I just think the writers kinda blew her off too…it ends with her kinda saying “you’re right. I’m using tater tots to fill a void. I’ll go find a boyfriend.”

Amber: Why did it have to be tater tots though?! Geeeze.

Liz: Seriously!! Lol. I laugh to keep from throwin my other shoe at the screen.

Amber: Lol. Right?! Like you said earlier, too many damn stereotypes…why couldn’t she be addicted to shopping or something…?! Gosh!

Liz: Would make so much more sense. I mean, who hasn’t used shopping to fill a void? (I’m not sayin I have or anything….)

Amber: I have, gurl…and it works. :)

Liz: I’ll take your word for it (wanna go shoe shopping this weekend? :p).

Amber: Lol. If only, mama. Any final thoughts?

Liz: Only that I think Glee needs to step its game up. Otherwise, we’re gonna be gchattin’ about somethin else real soon….(only it’s so hard to let go!)

Amber: This episode wasn’t as bad as last week’s, but I do wish we could just go back to Season 1. :( What the hell happened?

Liz: They started writing their stereotypes more than they dismantled them….but keep hope alive! And the singing going…

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