Halloween 2010: The Adventures of Amber and Liz

November 16th, 2010 § 0 comments


It’s been two weeks – two weeks of back to the grind. Wake up, work, sleep. Repeat. But just two weeks ago we were doing none of that. We spent a week and a half in NY and DC to chase away the working woman blues. Rally to Restore Sanity, hangin with friends, my first slice of NY style pizza, wine and singing Disney…..all amazing times. But here is perhaps the most memorable….and what I’d most like to forget.

We were hipsters for Halloween.

Oh, goodness. I never thought I could feel more ridiculous (sorry hipsters). My exposure to hipsterdom has been to limited to our blog (here and here). So you told me, “All you need is a flannel shirt.” My response? “I don’t own a flannel shirt.” This was gonna be an education. Walking around DC I was incredibly self-conscious and full of loathing for my shoes and glasses and leggings and…..well, see for yourself.

Amber and Liz, if they were Hipsters.

Freakin Scary, Right???!

PS – More about our vacay to come!

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