Bloody True Blood

September 30th, 2010 § 5 comments


I, like millions of others in this country, am a little obsessed with True Blood. Yep, I said it.

Well, to be honest, “obsessed” may actually be a bit much. I have more of a love/hate with the show (like loving pretty much everything and everyone except Bill and Sookie *rolls eyes*). In any case, I’ve been meaning to do a True Blood post since the season started and I’ve finally gotten around to it–two weeks after the season finale, but hey, better late than never. :)

Overall I thought this season was pretty blah. After the first few episodes, I was no longer on the edge of my seat with anticipation and Sookie just got exponentially more annoying. Anna Paquin really outdid herself this time around.

So, if I hated this season so much, what compelled me to keep watching, you ask. Well, Liz (and readers) let me tell you. The bloggers at decided to do a Roundtable on the show this season, and their discussion alone kept pulling me back (me back). They offered a critical analysis of the show’s many political, social, and cultural messages and implications that always proved to be a thought-provoking and hilarious read. So yes, **snaps** to Racialicious and if you’re into the show and haven’t already, do yourself a favor and get up on that.

In other True Blood news…thank you for sending me this the other day. Love it. It’s just so damn clever and Sesame Street remains awesome.

And here’s another just for chuckles…

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  • jillian says:

    Amber, we need to see each other. You know, for the sake of seeing each other because I adore you. But also so we can talk about this HOTMESSSSS of a show!

    “Sookie just got exponentially more annoying. Anna Paquin really outdid herself this time around.”

    PREACH!The absurdity of Sookie/Paquin is just…too much for my mind sometimes. And don't get me started on how they keep doing Tara. Oh man. Can we talk about the hair cutting?! And how someone on that crew needed to have raised their hands and said PAUSE. Gurrrl is not going into the bathroom chopping off braids and coming out with a full bodied natural do all in about a half an hour. And really. And that's just a sidenote about the hair thing.

    oh man. let's talk!

  • Jillian says:

    also… WEREPANTHERS?! nah, that's weak.

  • Amber says:


    YES. YES. YES. You took the words right out of my mouth. It was crazy what they did with Tara! In one sense, I appreciated the complexity that they allowed her character this season, and Rutina Wesley did an excellent job. But OMMMMGGGG…can a sista get a break?! And the hair cutting scene was too much, extremely layered, AND they did it wrong! Every sista watching rolled her eyes when Tara walked out of the bathroom in 30 min with a new do that would have actually taken AT LEAST 5 hours on a good day…I'm just sayin.

    I still don't even get the werepanther thing…it was just so extra. And don't get me started on Lafayette and witchcraft and fairies…I can't…


  • Andrea says:

    elmo WOW this is too ridiculous and too real for words. the yout dem need to be saved from this!

  • Amber says:


    LOL. I feel you, gurl. Elmo is too grown and his celebritydom has popped off in a real way this past decade! He wasn't running Sesame Street when I used to watch it on the regular…just sayin. lol. “Elmo likes wasabi, that's why Elmo has no eyelids.” :-| reckless.

    I almost posted this vid too:

    It's one of my favorites…I still sing this when I cross the street sometimes. Hehehe. “I got a new way to walk and I walk with confidence…”

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