“T-t-t-tip on the Tightrope”

May 19th, 2010 § 0 comments


Janelle Monae is my new favorite artist on the scene right now. She is gorgeous, so talented, positive, and just a breath of fresh air. *deep inhale*

Her album “The ArchAndroid” dropped yesterday, May 18th and, I must say, it is absolutely DOPE.

She performed her newest single, “Tightrope,” on Letterman yesterday, and KILLED IT.

Here is her music video for “Tightrope”:

This sista is doing big things for the music game right now and is slowly renewing my faith in the industry. I think I LOVE her. Check out the album. You will not be disappointed.

“Whether you’re high or low, you gotta tip on the tightrope.”

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