Got Hope? Act on it.

May 13th, 2010 § 1 comment


So I’ve been struggling with what next to post on our blog, then you bust this out and the struggle is over! I watched this Boondocks episode and definitely had some actual lol moments. And some uncomfortable ones. But I pondered the underlying message: did we think the day after Obama’s inauguration we’d awaken to life without war, without economic trouble, without angry opponents or bitter feuds? Is hope irrational?

I suggest that hope without action is irrational. Obama has taken several stances that have annoyed or downright angered me. Most recently, his wobbling on miranda rights to citizens who are terror suspects. Going down that road scares me. But I’m reminded that he was elected as President, not as revolutionary. Some presidents have made bold choices and courageous actions, but rarely as lone figures or without movements to back them up. He could be an ally, but he’s not a saint. He’s not the leader of a movement; he’s the leader of a country. If we want him to take a strong stance against this Arizona law (and for immigration reform), I think we’ve got to shout and protest and march. The tea party is small in number, but you’d think they were 3/4 of the population just cuz they make so much damn noise (and the media provides a megaphone).

I was definitely one of those standing in the cold cheering as he became president. I felt exhilarated. And yes, that feeling starts to wear off. But then I work with kids/teens and I marvel that a black president is a part of their young reality. And I listen to him address some issues with such thought and understanding that I hope all over again. He’s still a breath of fresh air. We’ve definitely got something real to work with! (For instance, I read today that he’s shifting from the “war on drugs” and moving to addressing it as a public health issue. I like.)

I believe for any change to happen, we must have hope coupled with action. Without action, we lose hope, and without hope, there’s only crippling despair that nothing will change. And then it won’t.

So, I love hope. Hope gets me moving.

That’s my piece.

(Plus, hope doesn’t mean ignoring that it’s deep. Obama’s presidency? Complicated.)

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  • Jess says:

    I've read so much of your work over the last 10 years that I should stop being surprised when you hit the nail right on the head. This is phenomenal. Eloquently stated and I'll be quoting this blog for the rest of my life. oh yeeeah love you!

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