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February 19th, 2010 § 0 comments

Amber, do you realize it has been exactly two years this month since we met while studying abroad?  You wondered if I actually knew anything about gospel music as my facebook claimed, and I observed that behind those sunglasses you were watching everybody and THINKING.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship.  Which consisted of a great deal of long conversations until two in the morning in the Ghana heat.  If anyone listened at the door (and I believe someone did once – wink wink), they’d hear “that’s so deep” repeated many times.  Because whatever we were talking about, it was definitely deep.  Race, gender, neo-colonialism, taboos, relationships, group dynamics, America, Ghana.  Life.  Our heads were spinning. 

So here we are two years later and still having those deep conversations.  Sometimes frighteningly so. And so as a precursor to our future book – which will be awesome – let’s have this conversation down in writing.  And we’ll see what others have to say.  Maybe we’ll find some new people to discuss with and new topics to contemplate during those wee hours of the morning.

You know between the two of us, we’ll be coverin’ a lot.

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