Happy Friday!: This Week’s Links

October 28th, 2011 § 0 comments

Happy Friday ya’ll! Need some help getting through this final day before the weekend? Never fear! We’ve got some links that we found particularly interesting this week. Enjoy! And share with us what you’ve been reading!

Start with a laugh and a little bit of a WTF. Have you seen Herman Cain’s latest ad? It’s worth the randomness at the end.

Check out Jill Scott’s latest music video!

Jay Smooth breaks down what he thinks the success of the Occupy Wall Street movement is really all about.

Melissa Harris-Perry never fails to lay it out there. Check out what she has to say post-Cornel West “feud.”

Remember some of our posts on feminism? Check out (the greatest title ever) “My Feminism will be Intersectional or it will be Bullshit!

Thinking of dressing up for Halloween? First check out these students’ campaign against problematic costumes.

Take a look at the trailer for Albert Norris. It took me a second to recognize a certain someone.

NOLA activist shares some of his experience and compassion after being shot in the head.

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