Fox News Needs Some Common Sense, Among Other Things

May 19th, 2011 § 0 comments


Fox News is pissing me off. Again. Their most recent stupidity is to be hot and bothered over Michelle Obama’s invitation to Common to attend a White House poetry night.

Oh Fox. Foxy Fox Fox. Must we drum up “controversies” and work as hard as we can to close our eyes and shut our ears? Must we be so ignorant?

Here’s Sean Hannity: (You can read the full transcript here.)

I imagine the conversation to have this conversation went as follows:

Hannity: “Who’s this ‘Common’ on the poets list? That’s not a name.”
Random Fox Intern: “He’s a rapper.”
Hannity: “Black rapper? Well there’s gotta be some dirt on him.”
Intern: “Well…actually, not really.”
Hannity: “Find some. Anything.”

And so all they could find was a poem on Def Poetry Jam….not even something off one of his albums. Slow clap, Fox. I’m impressed.

Errr. Not really.

Here’s Jon Stewart shutting down Bill O’Reilly (I have such respect for Stewart in this particular conversation):


So, Amber, after watching these videos, here are  lessons I believe Fox News and its commentators should learn:

1. Assume nothing. Especially about music you know little about. To be called a “rapper” is not an indictment. If you have to dig up obscure references then you probably haven’t found a “controversy.”

2. Stop using Jeremiah Wright as an indictment. Because whatever you say about him will be spoken out of ignorance. Just sayin’.

3. Study history.  Assata Shakur was accused of killing a police officer in 1973. She maintains her innocence (and at this moment I’m not interested in deciding who’s telling the truth – for another day), and by growing angry over Common’s support of her (and he’s not the only one) you assume that the police have always protected everyone (or even still do). We’re talking about 1973 – does anyone remember what cops and the justice system were doing back then and decades decades prior? Government-sanctioned violence against citizens, if I recall.  Simply brandishing the charge “cop killer” demonstrates your failure to understand the historical implications and every day realities of people’s lives.

4. Check your racism. Did anyone else notice that Jon Stewart named 3 white male artists who have been invited to the White House, who’ve defended those accused of murder and were never challenged? What is different about Common? Ahem.

My dream is that Fox News and its commentators will educate themselves. Otherwise I will soon be fuming again, wondering why I even bother to write these posts (don’t answer that) or pay attention to their pseudo journalism.

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