WTF Files: “Why Black Women are Less Attractive than Other Women”

May 16th, 2011 § 0 comments


In today’s WTF Files is an article written by Evolutionary Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa that has the twitterverse in an uproar. Kanazawa wrote an article (originally titled Black Women are Ugly) for the Psychology Today website in which he cites a study that “objectively” measures the attractiveness of men and women of different races and concludes (no surprise here) that black women are by far the most unattractive individuals, you know, according to science.  *Blank stare*

When I first saw the title of the article via a link on my twitter timeline, I rolled my eyes and decided to pass, focusing instead on this article on Don Lemon (who I loooove Yay Don!). An hour later, I realized that half of my timeline was still furious and serious about holding Psychology Today responsible for printing this mess. Well, at that point, I decided I had better take a look, but to my dismay, the article was taken down. In a matter of minutes, however, a cache (linked at the end of this post) of the original post was in circulation and after reading the article with furrowed eyebrows and clenched teeth, I couldn’t help but get involved. I am especially upset that Psychology Today took the article down  with no public acknowledgment of it’s offensive and problematic nature. Once you make a public statement, in writing no less, you can’t just take it down like it never happened. That is NEVER a proper solution. When you are wrong an apology is necessary–didn’t we learn that in kindergarten? C’mon kids!

So, I’m writing this post to help get the word out. In the words of Kanye, this is “F*ckin ridiculous” as is the attack on all things having to do with black women that has been impossible to escape these past few years–from being unmarry-able to demonized baby-makers to just plain ol’ ugly…really? I’ve said it before and I think it’s time to say it again…CAN WE LIVE?!

Also, just to clarify (because I know I didn’t really get into it) this article is RACIST and it’s also pretty sexist. There is no such thing as objective (universal) beauty. That is not real, people. Do not believe the hype. As one blogger put it, even your (most likely problematic) Introduction to Anthropology  101 course should have taught you that.

You can check out Kanazawa’s article here.

Here are some blogposts to check out by those who do get into it:



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Let Psychology Today know that bullshit articles of this nature are unacceptable. Email or tweet them your thoughts!

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